A culture built around action.

Our century-long heritage is the fuel that drives us forward.

Our family-run business culture is central to everything we do. Our commitment to people and long-lasting relationships with each other and our customers has long resulted in success.

Because we are committed to remaining a fixture in our customer’s businesses and our team’s lives, we focus on long-term value over short-term gains, giving us a distinct advantage over newly developed corporations.

Throughout our history we have continuously innovated to remain relevant to the needs of customers. This capacity to pivot and make proactive changes makes us stand out to forward-thinking companies who are looking to embrace Industry 4.0.

We look after our team, so they can look after you

Our agile organisation is structured in autonomous tribes and squads rather than offices and departments. This empowers The NBT Group team to focus on driving exceptional results without restrictive bureaucracy or arbitrary rules.

This structure has long demonstrated that our employees can successfully develop, innovate and excel, enabling them to help our customers to improve, every single day. We work collaboratively without navigating cumbersome corporate structures and challenge the status quo to deliver work that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

A team of innovators

The NBT Group environment allows everybody to live our values of curiosity, innovation, and action. For our customers’, this means being supported by a team that always provides cutting-edge solutions to increasing business efficiency. Every team member is encouraged to put forward ideas, back up their opinions, and work together to make positive change.

Supply chain management made smarter.

“NBT Group's technology systems give us the availability to view stock across multiple sites.”