Supporting future-forward businesses.

Working towards a common purpose

The NBT Group is united by shared values and working towards our core mission: to revolutionise supply chain management by delivering fully automated Industry 4.0 solutions which optimise the efficiencies of our client’s business and position them for maximum profit.

Our culture puts collaboration and creativity at the heart of what we do, giving individuals and teams the power to drive change and deliver excellence. By focusing on tribes and squads over businesses and departments, and on individuals over job titles, we grow faster and achieve more for our customers.

Our values are part of our DNA

The NBT Group is the product of its values, which have evolved over a century of innovation. Our rich heritage has ensured The NBT Group’s longevity, and we owe our continued success to our values which unite our companies, tribes and team members.

Our products and services have adapted to market changes, spanning industries as diverse as trams, mining and white goods, enduring wars, recessions and huge cultural and technological shifts. Our core values are what has shaped us and enabled us to thrive throughout times when so many businesses collapsed.


As a family-run company, we truly care about the people who make The NBT Group what it is today. Every day we treat our staff, customers, suppliers and partners like family.


We’re passionate about delivering unique results through acting ambitiously. We endeavour to get things done immediately and drive forward innovative ideas on behalf of our clients without hesitation.


Being curious fuels our creativity. Our team shares a desire to explore new ideas to better our business, and to help our customers achieve more too.


Innovation is what has evolved our company from an electrical supplier to a leader in making Industry 4.0 a reality. We are not scared to challenge industry norms and disrupt today for a better tomorrow.