NBT Technology

NBT Technology is an inventory management systems provider, offering bespoke design services tailored to specific industry and business requirements.

NBT Technology has been successfully implemented across a wide range of sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, food and advanced manufacturing.

Leading the way in cutting edge automated vending control systems, NBT Technology provides the latest and best RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) inventory control and tracking solutions. From the smallest critical spare part, to the largest fixed asset, NBT Technology is the solution to managing inventory and asset requirements within Industry 4.0.

How NBT Technology can help you

  • Vending control systems put products to hand where they are needed, reducing walk time to traditional stores areas.
  • Store-room automation means dramatically reduced administration and manual tasks.
  • Unlimited parts databases and cross-site stock visibility keeps all your facilities operating in unison.
  • Algorithms that ensure the exact parts are available as your need them, eliminating squirrel stores from developing.
  • Systems integration ensures that NBT Technology works seamlessly with the other systems your business depends on to operate.

  • Automated hardware means all inventory is 24/7 access, 365 days a year.
  • Stock value is exact, up-to-date and can be managed at site level and globally.
  • All parts are controlled and dedicated to users thus considerably reducing stock shrinkage and errors.
  • More data means better business intelligence via the reports portal.
  • Automation means the elimination of manual input.
  • Connected systems that minimise input and output errors.
  • All devices ultimately secure your inventory.
  • Tighter control through all technologies will encourage overall consumption reduction.
  • Better management utilising algorithms to manage stock levels will minimise need for large stock holdings.
  • Immediate view of spend levels to individual users or teams for cost control in the moment.
  • Workflow processing to manage user sign off and project/job allocation of parts taken.
  • Exact stock related costs provided for forecasting and P&L requirements.

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