NBT Supply Chain

NBT Supply Chain provides all the materials you need on a daily basis, including everything for your offices, work areas and the maintenance of these spaces.

Product and service needs are often placed as low priority because they are complex and difficult to manage. If your business has a large, complex, supplier base and is saturated by pricing queries, it can result in wrong product orders, wasting valuable resources. We make sure you have everything you need, when you need it.

By capturing and validating your requirements early in the strategic sourcing process we can work with end-users to review purchase history information. It is vital for us to understand and document supplier services that are currently being provided as well as services that you could benefit from in the future. We understand that end-user service requirements must be addressed to ensure programme adoption in your business.

How NBT Supply Chain can help you

We are proud of the features that make up NBT Supply Chain, knowing that they will consistently support your procurement process from the moment of integration.

  • Globally accessible cloud-based software is fully integrated into your business, so your orders seamlessly flow from our ERP environment to your own.
  • With access to thousands of suppliers at competitive rates, you will get exclusive prices and be able to instantly compare suppliers.
  • Consolidated ordering and invoicing drastically reduces administration time for your business.
  • Our technology ensures full scalability alongside businesses growth thanks to its plug and play set up, ongoing remote support and rapid deployment.
  • The automated replenishment cycle ensures you are never without the supplies you need, maintaining smooth running operations within your facility.
  • The reporting builder details your business’ consumption, the usage by individual team member and the cost centre allocation.

NBT Supply Chain allows your business to benefit from:

  • Automation of your indirect supply chain
  • Access to thousands of suppliers at competitive rates
  • Overall aggregation of stock for unit cost and transaction reductions
  • Immediate spend visibility
  • Less maverick buying
  • Lower purchasing overhead
  • Improved accuracy and control with every order
  • High quality data and intelligence
  • Effective tracking of supplier performance
  • Identified opportunities to drive year-on-year savings
  • Ongoing consultancy and analysis of your business

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